My Life My Choices™ Student Edition Surpasses 10,000 Certificates of Completion

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My Life My Choices™ Student Edition by the Numbers

Just over two years ago, we launched our completely free and Award-winning online, interactive, financial scenario-based game for high school and college students called My Life My Choices.

In November of 2019, the AFCPE announced that MLMC had won the award for Outstanding Consumer Financial Information. We had already updated the program to make it more interactive for students, but we had still had just 70 students complete the activity from five different US states.

Now, two years later, having facilitated the delivery of more than 10,000 completed sessions for students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, 5 US Territories, 107 different countries, and 6 continents, we couldn't be prouder of the work our staff has contributed to this project, now and over the past dozen years.

As we shift towards a post-pandemic environment, we look forward to assisting teachers across the globe teach and promote core personal finance skills to their students with help from the My Life My Choices - Student Edition.

Here's some of the great feedback we've received about the MLMC course:

"It really was an awakening experience!" (MD, 9/2020)

"I enjoyed using this course for me, and it will help in my life ahead to do the things that we use every day in our lives right now." (MN 10/2020)

"It was an amazing way to see if I'm responsible." (TX 10/2020)

"I enjoyed this, and this would help me in the future when I move out and live in my own place." (NJ 11/2020)

We encourage educators across the globe to continue to use the My Life My Choices™ Student Edition as part of their personal finance curriculum.


Todd Christensen

About the Author

As the education manager for Money Fit, author, speaker, and financial educator, Todd Christensen develops financial education programs and provides credit and debt counseling for individuals and groups around the country. In 2014, Todd published his first 5-star-rated book, Everyday Money for Everyday People based on stories and ideas he had heard in nearly 1,000 workshops he facilitated on budgeting, credit, debt reduction, saving, and identity protection.