Debt Relief for Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Accounts in Collections, Payday Loans & More

Our Certified Credit Counselors can help you with your credit card and other unsecured debt by consolidating your payments into an easier-to-make, single monthly payment. No loan is needed.

The Money Fit debt relief program can help:

  • Reduce Your Monthly Payments

  • Put an End to Collection Efforts

  • Drastically Lower Interest Rates

  • Stop Late and Over-limit Fees

  • Avoid Bankruptcy

  • Online and Phone Counseling Available in All 50 States

120,000 Client Enrolled Into Our Debt Management Program

120,000 Clients Enrolled

Over $1.85 billion in Total Debt Consolidated

$1.8 Billion of Debt Consolidated

More than 600,000 Free Credit Counseling Sessions

600,000 Individuals Counseled


Questions About Debt & Personal Finances?

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