Our Mission & How We Help Individuals Live Debt Free

Money Fit by DRS Inc. offers a variety of debt relief programs to consumers in order to help them establish a solid financial future by eliminating their current challenges. As a nonprofit organization, our focus is on preventing financial issues and helping individuals develop strong core competencies in personal finance. Our Credit Counseling Services & Personal Finance Education programs provided through the Money Fit Academy are free to participate in.

Consumers that qualify for participation in our debt relief program, in which we consolidate unsecured debt into one monthly payment, typically find our fees for our debt management program reasonable and valuable.

Also, we offer 100% free debt relief for military service members at no cost to active duty military members. For businesses and organizations that partner with Money Fit to provide Financial Wellness benefits to their employees or members, the fees are drastically reduced.

You can learn more and receive your free consultation by calling our toll-free number at (800) 432-0310 or submitting your information through our website.


Who We Help

Money Fit offers help to households in financial crisis as well as individuals, couples, college students, seniors, and all others hoping to find trusted educational and counseling programs for their personal finances. From debt reduction and credit building to budgeting and saving for emergencies, Money Fit is a nationwide nonprofit resource for consumers to turn to for trusted guidance and help on the road to their financial goals.

While Money Fit clients come from all walks of life and each have had unique experiences that led them to our services, the following characteristics are the most commonly shared:

  • Our clients are generally employed earning sufficient income to repay their debts if only their creditors would lower their interest rates and stop charging late and over-limit fees. Others we help may not have full-time employment, but they have regular income from social security, disability, pensions, settlements, or other steady resources.

  • We often find that those seeking our assistance have recently ended a period of unemployment, undergone some major medical procedures, gone through a difficult divorce, or even lost an expensive lawsuit. Consequently, they are saddled with thousands, often tens of thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

  • We are also happy to help individuals, from new adults to seniors and everywhere in between, deal with any consequences of periods of impulse spending, unexpected or unplanned major purchases, or just plain overspending. Such individuals and couples never find reproachful or condescending counselors but only support, resources, and services to help them re-establish their finances.

  • The backbone of our services is a debt management program that helps consumers repay 100% of their unsecured debts.  Individuals and households concerned with or struggling to meet their monthly payment obligations on credit card debts, medical debts, collection accounts, old utility, and cell phone bills, and even payday loans will find direct and beneficial services through our certified credit counselors.

  • Consumers dealing with credit cards that carry high interest rates (anything above the national average of 14% to 17% APR) can find relief through creditor concessions negotiated by Money Fit.

Households struggling to repay their student loan debts will also find assistance at Money Fit. It is easy to get lost in or blocked by the bureaucracy of government loan service providers when you are attempting to set up affordable repayment plans. Money Fit counselors can help cut through the confusion and even make phone calls with you to your lender.

Finally, consumers facing the devastating possibility of filing for personal bankruptcy, whether individually or as a couple, will find 24/7 online access to the counseling and education certificates the bankruptcy law and courts require.


Why We Do It

From our front-line customer service representatives and compliance specialists all the way to our executives, we are committed to helping our clients regain their financial footing, get back on track, and reestablish stability in their personal finances. We all know the difficulties inherent in every household’s finances.

Many of us have struggled with credit, debt, and budgeting issues, which is why we understand the feeling of rekindling the hope in our clients through our education and counseling. Our clients are the only ones who could possibly feel better than we do when we help them get caught up on their financial obligations, become debt-free or qualify for a home loan after years of desperation.


Education First

Everything we do at Money Fit revolves around educating our clients and communities. In establishing our organization as a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency back in the 1990s, our founder identified financial education as our chartered nonprofit purpose. Our debt counselors’ first obligation is to help the client put together and understand a workable household budget. Every counseling session includes a referral sheet to financial education resources applicable to the client, whether these include our own workshops, webinars, and online materials or those of government and other community organizations.

We long ago committed to our clients, funders, and even regulators that we would always offer financial education programs, resources, and materials at no cost to anyone meeting with us by phone, in person, or electronically.

Finally, we have developed scores of webinars and workshops that our educators and managers have facilitated over the years to tens of thousands of community members in churches, schools, jails and prisons, and even businesses and other nonprofit agencies.

Where We Operate


Money Fit by DRS, Inc. is licensed or registered to provide nonprofit credit and debt counseling to residents in all 50 States in America as well as the District of Columbia. We have office locations in New York, and Idaho, and we provide phone and internet counseling in all locations we operate in. We provide face-to-face consultations in areas that we have a physical location.

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Money Fit In The News

We’ve been fortunate to continue to be published in major media outlets such as Mint.com, Huffpost, CreditCards.com, Fair.com, AARP & many more. For a list of all media & news mentions, please visit: https://moneyfit.org/news