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Merging Finances With A Partner

As a couple, it might seem wise to combine your finances. It makes sense, right? You share a lot of the same expenses. However, you might find it surprising to hear that 20% of people regret merging their bank account with their partner and tend to argue at least once a week about money with their significant other, as stated in this study. Yikes.

You will want to avoid the catastrophic results many couples experience when they make one or more of these five common mistakes. Enjoy peace of mind and financial stability when you avoid these joint account missteps.

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How to shop safely online

With technology changing the face of online shopping, we are becoming avid shoppers through our smart devices. Statistics say that around 70% of smartphone users make use of online payment options while purchasing anything on the Internet for ease of payment. Be it ordering food or booking an itinerary, booking a cab or recharging a pre-paid card, everything seems possible with the click of our fingers.

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The 8 Best Financial Rules of Thumb You Won’t Regret

Everything gets a whole lot easier when you have a few key financial rules to keep your budget in check. Instead of hoping that you do not overspend every month, make sure you don’t even by giving yourself goals and guidelines.

These simple rules can give you the foundation you need to make better day-to-day financial decisions and get you one step closer to financial freedom.

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