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Famous Bankruptcy Filers

If you dread the idea of filling out a few B-309 forms, perhaps some perspective can help soften the blow. History is laden with famous bankruptcy filers. While they all have celeb status or history on their side with their own unique stories, they have one thing in common: They all rode the tailwinds of their financial success only to find misfortune at some point in their careers.

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What is Passive Income?

No path to financial independence has you simply sitting on your couch, drinking coffee, and watching daytime television while money pours into your accounts unless you bought Bitcoin a few years back, and then, well you pretty much only had to hold it! Regardless, the point is, you’ll need to develop a strategy that meets your needs, but first, let’s look at what ‘passive income’ refers to.

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Avoid Going Broke During the Holidays

It’s once again almost time for seasonal cheer, joyous celebrations, and for many people, endless holiday spending. From vacations to gifts to parties, it’s easy to lose track of your expenses. While there are so many reasons to enjoy the season, you will be far less stressed if you celebrate Christmas on a budget.

The good news is, saving money during the holidays is possible! You don’t have to go into debt to have a smashing good time. Read on to discover ways to avoid going broke during the holidays — but still enjoy every minute of it.

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Credit Card Debt and Covid-19

In these hard times, it’s not just our health that we need to take good care of but also our financial status. Given that a lot of jobs were lost or in peril, as well as both small businesses and large companies struggling or worse going bankrupt, staying on top of finances has been hard to do.

Credit card debt has ballooned and Covid-19 has forever changed the way we do banking or the way we use a credit card. Remember that you are not alone and that there are certain measures in place to help you out if you’re struggling.

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How Victims Can Minimize the Impact of Financial Scams & Fraud

It is an unfortunate reality that, similar to technology, professional scammers also evolve. Precisely because they’re professionals, they’re good at what they do and see an opportunity to victimize anyone at every turn. They use everything at their disposal to make themselves look credible and trustworthy to potential victims. So, if you become a victim, here are the things you can do to minimize the problems that may arise.

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How To Avoid Financial Scams and Fraud

It’s important to be aware that scammers and fraudsters are relentlessly finding new ways, day in and day out, to victimize us and run away with our hard-earned money. They’re not only innovative with their techniques as technology advances, but at the same time, the stories they employ to either overwhelm or entice us are constantly evolving.

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Best Side Hustles for 2022

With a side hustle, making money on the side is both possible and it can be convenient. Even better, you get to add a few more figures to how much you already take home from your day job.

What kind of side hustles can you get into to start making money? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. And, yes, you will need to have creativity in spades for some of these on-the-side ventures.

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Black Friday 2021

With the holidays nearing, the biggest sale of the year comes in the form of Black Friday. All businesses prepare for it, and shoppers get some of the best deals anyone will see in the year. However, the challenge is maximizing your money so you can save more.

Considering how there’ll be so many things that will try to catch your attention, you need to know a few tips and tricks. That way, you’ll avoid getting overwhelmed and can have a solid plan when the fateful day arrives.

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Coping With Financial Anxiety

Financial anxiety is a feeling of unease toward your finances. APA has not recognized an official diagnosis for this condition, but it may sometimes share similar symptoms with anxiety, like nervousness, fatigue, and irritability.

Several factors might cause financial stress, from medical bills to unemployment to irresponsible spending. Like other types of anxiety, some components that cause stress in an individual might not impact another.

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Gen Z and Money

Generation Z marks a drastic change in the way people think of money as a concept. While every generation is different, Z is proving to be one that will define the financial future. With challenges brought about by the current and past environment, this generation has to adapt. The unusual thing is that they’re acclimating and adjusting at a much faster pace than expected.

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Halloween on a Budget

Anyone can enjoy Halloween on a budget with a little creativity and imagination, whether you’re a parent who is spending it with your kids or a single person who is excited to party the night away.

Even if you’re practicing cost-cutting measures this year, you can still have fun on this festive occasion without breaking the bank. Keep reading to discover affordable Halloween projects that you and your family or friends can do together.

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Is It Bad To Have Credit Card Debt?

Credit cards can generally come in handy when you're short on cash. The concept is somewhat similar to taking out a short-term loan since you get to "buy now and pay later." Aside from being able to instantly make large purchases — at least depending on your credit limit — credit cards are also quite useful during emergencies.

However, if you're not careful in using your credit card, you might end up being mired under a huge amount of debt. There's a psychological factor to making instant purchases without taking physical money out of your wallet: you can have a tendency to forget that you actually paid for something. Before you know it, you've acquired an unmanageable amount of outstanding credit card balances.

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How to Get the Best Deal on a Car or Truck

Shopping for a new vehicle can feel a bit daunting, and rightfully so, due to how expensive new and used vehicles are. The financial implications can last several years. First-time car buyers, and even seasoned veterans such as I, can find themselves overpaying for a vehicle due to a variety of factors such as financing, new vehicle markup, the true value of the vehicle when previously owned, overbuying based on wants over needs, extended warranties and more. Here’s what you can do to make the most of your car buying experience.

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