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Identifying and Disputing Credit Report Errors

Did you know that a recent Consumer Reports study determined that about one-third of the US population have errors, both significant and insignificant, on their credit report?

Shocking, right? After all, you readily accept your credit score as accurate and never even question it because you consider its source trustworthy. But 34% is a huge number and hard to argue with!

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Merging Finances With A Partner

As a couple, it might seem wise to combine your finances. It makes sense, right? You share a lot of the same expenses. However, you might find it surprising to hear that 20% of people regret merging their bank account with their partner and tend to argue at least once a week about money with their significant other, as stated in this study. Yikes.

You will want to avoid the catastrophic results many couples experience when they make one or more of these five common mistakes. Enjoy peace of mind and financial stability when you avoid these joint account missteps.

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Bad Credit No Credit

You can build credit from scratch faster than you can rebuild bad credit since negative activity remains on your history for seven years or more. Additionally, most lenders who claim to offer loans and credit lines to consumers with poor credit will also loan to those with no credit.

As with everything in life, you will find exceptions to this rule. However, I have found that most people asking this question already have bad credit, or they have had poor credit in the past and worry about a family member or friend going through similar experiences.

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Financial Education Through Generations

Americans have not always prioritized financial education even though knowing how to make informed decisions about managing finances and avoiding risks forms a critical foundation to long-term stability. From investing in land and crops in the past to buying cryptocurrency today, people should take financial literacy seriously since it plays a vital role in anyone’s attempt to build wealth.

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The Hard Truth of Economic Bondage

For the last century, a new system of feudal enterprise has taken over the American labor market. While many Americans may not find themselves under the patronage of a feudal lord, they do, however, experience a subservience not unlike that of the peasants that worked the fields during feudalism. Those who have consciousness of this modern-day subservience refer to this economic practice as “wage slavery”, but I think the term “economic bondage” fits better. Let me explain.

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Rebuilding After Bankruptcy: Six Steps to Success

Bankruptcy is like a divorce from your debt. You will feel freedom and relief after letting go of the weight of an unmanageable debt load, but it hits like a wrecking ball on your credit score. Even though bankruptcy will stay on your credit for several years, you can work on repairing your credit and avoid doing anything to damage it while those years pass. Follow these steps to build and repair your credit during and after your bankruptcy filing.

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How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud During the Holidays

The holidays represent a time of extreme spending and frenzy. If you are in a hurry to complete your holiday shopping while planning parties and other festivities, you might not pay as much attention to your finances or suspicious charges. Fraudsters know this and take advantage of this busy time and increase their criminal activity during the holiday season.

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