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Household Financial Starter Kit for Newlyweds

While many couples have planned for their big day, prepared for their honeymoon, and even put together projects for their future home life, too many have neglected to discuss and agree upon how they will set up and manage their household finances.

Money has become the number one topic of argument among couples in this country.

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Financial Literacy Game for High School Students

Since its launch a little over a year ago, Money Fit by DRS’s My Life My Choices – Student Edition has given nearly 5,000 students from more than 350 schools in all 50 states and Washington DC, 54 countries, and six continents the chance to learn the value of prioritizing their personal expenses through a hands-on, risk-free activity.

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Road Trips During Covid-19

The quarantine has cooped us up at home for months, making us feel like birds ready to take flight the first opportunity even after summer. But the travel industry is unrecognizable, and the economic picture could frighten even the most intrepid. Add in restrictions to limit the spread of the virus, and it just may feel impossible to travel safely or wisely this year.

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Budgeting with an irregular income

As a freelance actor, writer, and content creator, this did not apply to my life. At all. I tried to get my financial life in check by “percentaging out” my paychecks, but sometimes I didn’t have anything coming in. After many frustrating years, I realized I had to take matters into my own hands. Through trial and error, I finally came up with a system that works for me when it comes to budgeting through the ebbs and flows of income, and I want to share it with you.

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Best Budgeting Tips for 2020

There are many reasons to start budgeting. It can help you to reach both big and small goals, get out of debt, and build your credit. Knowing how much money is coming in each month and how much is going out can also be a stress relief since you don’t have to worry about overspending.

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