Q: What is MoneyFit?

Answer: Money Fit by DRS, Inc. is a nonprofit consumer credit counseling organization that provides free financial education services as well as debt management programs to individuals throughout the United States.

Q: How can I access MoneyFit benefits?

Answer: If you are an employee, member or client of a MoneyFit partner, you can access our free and discounted services through the portal we have provided to your organization (usually found on an employee intranet, a client page, membership web site, or even a lunchroom poster). Contact the partner organization to which you belong to find the portal address. If they are unable to find it for you, please have a representative contact us at toll-free at: (800) 432-0310 Once you have access to your organization’s portal, you will find a discount code that you will provide when accessing the desired services.

Q: If we are unable to find or remember our employee/partner portal URL, how can we get a replacement?

Answer: Have a representative of your organization contact us at toll-free at: (800) 432-0310. We will be happy to update your portal information and provide you with your URL.

Q: What is the cost of MoneyFit to my employer or membership organization?

Answer: There is no charge for our basic MoneyFit portal program. Simply have them sign up for a portal under the Employer or Partner links at MoneyFit.org.

Q: How do I encourage my employer or membership organization to sign up with MoneyFit?

Answer: Simply have them sign up for a portal under the Employer or Partner links at MoneyFit.org. Alternatively, they can call us toll-free at: (800) 432-0310

Q: How long will MoneyFit benefits and discounts last?

Answer: For as long as MoneyFit exists. There are no expiration dates on the listed discounts.

Q: What are the free services available through MoneyFit?

Answer: Free services available through a MoneyFit portal include personal and household budget counseling, credit report reviews, student loan repayment plan assessments, and financial webinars. In some areas, free BankOn certificate programs are available to qualify you for a checking or savings account.

Q: What are the discounts available through MoneyFit?

Answer: Discounted services through MoneyFit are provided by Debt Reduction Services, Inc, a nonprofit credit counseling agency founded in 1996. Discounts include 50% off the enrollment fee a debt management program, $50 off the student loan repayment plan application service, 50% off the bankruptcy certificate services, and 50% off the book, Everyday Money for Everyday People.

Q: Are MoneyFit portals available to anyone?

Answer:Answer: MoneyFit portals and their associated discounts are not accessible to the general public. They are only available through a unique URL provided directly to MoneyFit partners.

Q: Who is MoneyFit?

Answer: MoneyFit is the financial wellness program of a 501(c)3 nonprofit credit counseling agency named, Debt Reduction Services. Debt Reduction Services has helped tens of thousands of consumers over the decades to regain control of their finances, repay 100% of their debts, establish practical household budgets, and find financial peace of mind.

Q: Are the counseling services automated or with a live counselor?

Answer: Our counseling services are provided by certified financial counselors. You will have the option of working with your counselor by phone, electronically (email, chat, or via online submissions), or, if you live near one of our local offices, in person.