“Savings is a commitment, not an amount.”Read Todd’s book for great insight into personal finance.

“Savings is a commitment, not an amount.”

Read Todd’s book for great insight into personal finance.

Todd Christensen - Author, Financial Educator, Counselor, Facilitator, Lecturer, Speaker, Accredited Financial Counselor®, AFPCE

Degrees: Master of International Management, Master of Arts (French Studies)

Author and Accredited Financial Counselor®, Todd R. Christensen, MIM, MA, is our Education Manager. Todd develops educational programs like the award-winning My Life My Choices series of online budgeting activities. He also produces materials that teach personal financial skills and responsibilities to all ages. He’s facilitated over two thousand workshops to more than 40,000 participants since 2004 on the fundamentals of effective money management. He even based his book, Everyday Money for Everyday People (2014), on the discussions, tips, stories and ideas shared by many of the individuals and couples in attendance.

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Snapping a selfie at the City of Rocks!

Snapping a selfie at the City of Rocks!

Rick Munster - Media Manager, Writer, Web Developer, Certified HUD Housing Counselor

Rick’s been with Money Fit by DRS for 18 years and early in his career, he managed two divisions, customer service, and credit counseling, before settling in his current role of managing the organization’s marketing efforts. He is known for being someone who’d give the shirt off of his back for you, and smile while doing it! He takes that positivity and problem solving to consumers when relaying a message of help, hope, and better times ahead. When he isn’t helping consumers regain control of their debt, he loves traveling and seeing new places.

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