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Black Friday 2021

With the holidays nearing, the biggest sale of the year comes in the form of Black Friday. All businesses prepare for it, and shoppers get some of the best deals anyone will see in the year. However, the challenge is maximizing your money so you can save more.

Considering how there’ll be so many things that will try to catch your attention, you need to know a few tips and tricks. That way, you’ll avoid getting overwhelmed and can have a solid plan when the fateful day arrives.

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Household Financial Starter Kit for Newlyweds

While many couples have planned for their big day, prepared for their honeymoon, and even put together projects for their future home life, too many have neglected to discuss and agree upon how they will set up and manage their household finances.

Money has become the number one topic of argument among couples in this country.

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What to Do with Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check

What should you do with your coronavirus economic stimulus check?

While every household has its own unique financial situation and needs, options for spending your economic stimulus payment include spending on needs, paying down debts, saving for emergencies and short-term goals, investing for the long-term, and spending on fun and splurges.

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Helping Your Finances Survive a Pandemic or Disaster

How to Prioritize Your Monthly Expenses during Coronavirus Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, personal and household finances have been thrown into chaos for many individuals and families across the US and beyond. With so many businesses shuttered during the stay-at-home orders in most states, chances are high your own business or employer has made cuts in your hours, your income, or both.

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Planning for Unexpected Expenses

While we all know that life can throw us its curveballs, when it comes to personal finances, many of us do not plan for the unexpected. Though you may feel that you are on top of your finances – being able to manage regular bills, ongoing expenses and saving for your next vacation, etc. – when it comes to paying big bills that you were not planning for, how money fit are you? Could you easily come up with the cash in an emergency? How much?

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Choosing The Right Retirement Plan

Most of us dream of living a worry-free retired life, but few of us take the necessary steps of planning ahead to actually achieve this dream. Proper planning is crucial because you need to identify the right retirement plan which helps you save more and returns more to you than you invest.

This brings us to a perennial question when it comes to saving for retirement, 401(k) vs. IRA, which is better? Let’s understand both these retirement plans and compare them to identify the better option.

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