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The National Emergency Personal Finance Checklist

When national emergencies strike, whether in the form of unforeseen natural disasters or approaching pandemics, preparation is critical for weathering the storm, so to speak, and emerging on the other side in the best possible financial position. What should be on a Personal Finance Checklist for National Emergencies? A personal finance checklist ahead of and during national emergencies should include steps to take that protects your household finances, minimizes the emergency’s negative effects on your money, and provides guidance for you and your loved ones in both best-case and worst-case scenarios.

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Planning for Unexpected Expenses

While we all know that life can throw us its curveballs, when it comes to personal finances, many of us do not plan for the unexpected. Though you may feel that you are on top of your finances – being able to manage regular bills, ongoing expenses and saving for your next vacation, etc. – when it comes to paying big bills that you were not planning for, how money fit are you? Could you easily come up with the cash in an emergency? How much?

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