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Coping With Financial Anxiety

Financial anxiety is a feeling of unease toward your finances. APA has not recognized an official diagnosis for this condition, but it may sometimes share similar symptoms with anxiety, like nervousness, fatigue, and irritability.

Several factors might cause financial stress, from medical bills to unemployment to irresponsible spending. Like other types of anxiety, some components that cause stress in an individual might not impact another.

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Rebuilding After Bankruptcy: Six Steps to Success

Bankruptcy is like a divorce from your debt. You will feel freedom and relief after letting go of the weight of an unmanageable debt load, but it hits like a wrecking ball on your credit score. Even though bankruptcy will stay on your credit for several years, you can work on repairing your credit and avoid doing anything to damage it while those years pass. Follow these steps to build and repair your credit during and after your bankruptcy filing.

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Money Habits to Keep After COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our money habits. For example, in April occurred the largest drop in consumer spending since the government began tracking the metric in 1959.

That may come to you as no surprise. Many businesses deemed “inessential” closed down completely or could only operate at partial capacity. Restaurants, bars, tourism, movie theaters and many retail outlets took a major hit.

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