Best Side Hustles for 2022

Eight Side Hustles You Can Make Some Extra Money From in 2022

Have you ever wished you could make just a little bit more money? Have you been racking your brains over how you can do so from the comfort of your home? 

Regardless of what you do, one thing is for sure — you wish you could make a bit more. And, let’s face it. There are days when going to the office gets old. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible in light of the pandemic.

With a side hustle, making money on the side is both possible and it can be convenient. Even better, you get to add a few more figures to how much you already take home from your day job.

What kind of side hustles can you get into to start making money? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. And, yes, you will need to have creativity in spades for some of these on-the-side ventures.

Here are the best side hustles to get into this year and going into 2022!

1. Online Tutoring

Sure, school is an excellent place to get an education. But, whoever said that it was the only place? The internet has made it possible for after-school tutors to become online tutors.

That’s right! Online tutoring is hot right now and still will be post-COVID. Of late, more and more students are signing up for after-school sessions in math, English as a Second Language (ESL), and other subjects. Taking that into account, now’s the time to cash in on the trend.

Don’t possess a college degree in math, languages, or history? Don’t sweat it!

If you’ve got a diploma in any field, you can be an online tutor and teach what you feel you can ace on a bad day. Online tutoring allows you to work from the comfort of your own home. And, clients aren’t hard to come by.

All you need to do is offer your services to any parent who feels their kids need a little extra help. You can even cater to older students who need lessons in non-academic pursuits like music, calligraphy, or even public speaking.

Online tutoring is a growing industry in the United States. And, why wouldn’t it be, especially with credential requirements that are fairly easy to meet and decent rates? 

Online tutors can make anywhere from $25 to $40 an hour. That’s not half bad considering that the average hourly wage of an entry-level teacher is about $17.

2. Proofreading

Everyone makes mistakes, right? This is especially true of anybody who needs to put thoughts and ideas into words. Because of their follies, there’s one more opportunity open for you — proofreading.

Proofreading is the task of reading a written publication and editing it to make it correct and more smooth flowing. In a way, it’s almost like you’re getting paid for judging the work of other writers. Of course, you’d also have to correct or edit texts depending on a client’s specifications.

As a proofreader, you’ll likely correct the basics — grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling. Consider these the things you’ll almost always be responsible for. You may also be asked to edit a text or article to fit a certain tone. You may even be required to make an article or copy stylistically consistent with your client’s website.

If you want to be a proofreader, all you need are writing skills and an excellent grasp of the rules of grammar and vocabulary. You may also want to improve your reading speed. A good reading speed will come in handy if you’ve managed to score multiple clients.

You can accept payments per project or hour with committed clients. According to Upwork, a proofreader can make anywhere from $20 to $24 an hour.

3. Virtual Assistance

Have you ever wished you had a personal assistant? If you answered “yes,” you’re not alone. In fact, having too many items on a to-do list has been a pain point for many business owners and professionals.

This is where you come in! Of course, this is only possible if you choose virtual assistance as your side hustle.

What do you do as a virtual assistant? You’ll be delegated a wide array of tasks, each one contributing to making your client’s business operations smoother.

Virtual assistants, or VAs, take care of many administrative tasks, like setting up meetings and scheduling calls. Sometimes, virtual assistants also answer phone calls on behalf of their clients.

Another role VAs are beginning to fill is social media management. If a client runs a business with a social media account linked to it, a VA takes care of customer interactions and postings. Social media management can be a side hustle in itself. But, it is a role VAs also take, albeit at a more general level.

Here are some other tasks you’ll probably take on as a VA:

  • Record-keeping

  • Technical support

  • Cold-calling

  • Relaying messages to your client

To perform well as a VA, the following skills aren’t necessarily a must but will come in handy:

  • Organizational skills

  • Communication skills

  • Computer literacy and familiarity with CRMs

Are these skills going to require intensive training? Here’s the good news — probably not. With that said, you can jump right into this side hustle that can pay you up to $40 an hour!

Not sure where to find VA work? Try these freelancer platforms:

Have a knack for writing? Consider taking your skills online and get paid to showcase your talents.

4. Content Writing

Every website needs content. If it’s got a blog section, that content needs to be informative, correct, and well-researched. This is why one of the most in-demand freelance roles today is content writing. As a content writer, you’ll be responsible for creating informative and entertaining content for a website.

Content writing or web content writing is exactly what it sounds like. You write content for a site. Clients will ask you to write about a range of topics usually related to the niche their sites are in.

Content writing can be lucrative. This is especially true if you manage to score a recurrent client. The rates for content writers vary because writers can be paid per hour or project.

Per hour, content writers can make about $30, according to Zip Recruiter. With more and more sites requiring content these days, finding work will not be difficult.

So, what skills do you need?

For starters, you’ll need writing skills. You don’t need to have won the Pulitzer Prize to land your first client. So long as you’ve got the basics of grammar, spelling, and tone down, you’re good to go!

Where do you find writing jobs? Well, you can find content writing gigs on virtually any freelancing platform. 

Try these sites:

These are just some platforms for content writers. Many others are teeming with clients looking for freelancers to put words to their ideas.

5. Copywriting

Everybody looking for writing side hustles always gets copywriting and content writing mixed up. To many, they are the same line of work. While this isn’t inaccurate, a world of difference exists between copywriting and content writing.

Keep in mind that if you’re a content writer, you’ve got one job, at least for the most part — to inform. At most, you’ll probably have to write pieces to entertain. When it comes to copywriting, your goal is to persuade whoever is reading.

Think of copywriting as the writing equivalent of a salesman. Copywriters are in charge of content that grabs the attention of people looking for a product or service. The endgame of your content will be getting these customers to buy a product or service. If not, your content should at least lead towards a call to action, asking the reader to call or get in touch with a business.

Since there are millions of business sites in the United States, it’s pretty safe to say that copywriters are in high demand. The skills you need to be a copywriter don’t differ much from the skills needed to be a content writer.

However, one other skill you’d need to have to secure a lot of clients is the ability to write persuasively. Once again, your goal as a copywriter is to drive a purchase or call. So, it won’t be enough to simply provide valuable information.

Copywriters make nearly the same amount of money per hour as content writers. The platforms where you can find clients will be the same as the ones mentioned in the earlier section.

6. SEO Consulting

You might be wondering what an SEO consultant does. First of all, SEO stands for search engine optimization.

In SEO, a consultant makes a site and its contents more visible on search engines. This results in more people seeing the site and clicking on it. As you can imagine, this has great value for websites and eCommerce businesses.

We won’t lie to you. You’ll have to do some homework on the ins and outs of SEO to learn more about it. But, once you do, you’ll be in charge of things like:

  • Planning a site’s content

  • Doing a little market research

  • Searching for words online users type to get a certain product or service

  • Ensuring that a client’s website remains visible on search engines like Bing and Google

  • Auditing a website to see which parts are mostly visited

  • Seeing how people behave on your client’s website

There are many more. You may even have to write some SEO-friendly content yourself.

Learning SEO will require an investment of time and some money. But, make no mistake. Once you’re offering this service to clients, the payoff is huge!

You could be looking at $1,000 to $2,000 a month. And, these are the standard rates for SEO consultants per site! Imagine how much you could make if you manage more than one site.

Where can you learn SEO? There are numerous resources online like Udemy, Ahrefs, SkillShare, and Coursera. So, get your learning on, and get paid!  

7. Web Development or Web Design

Every business needs a website. And, businesses that already have theirs will need their sites improved, optimized, or maintained. In-house web developers and designers can be pricey for a lot of these businesses. So, many of them have decided to outsource web design and development.

This is great news, especially if you’ve got site-building skills. Nowadays, more and more web designers and web developers are making money from home as a result of this trend.

Web development and web design can bring in as much as $62,000 yearly. And, this is because most web design and development projects or jobs are ongoing.

Other than being lucrative, web development and design is flexible and you can do it at home. All you need is a mid-range computer, stable internet connection, and web know-how.

8. Online Physical Fitness Coaching

Maybe you’re not into education, sales, or tech stuff. Perhaps, fitness is your jam. If you like hitting the gym and bribing people into doing the same, why not make money out of it?

The pandemic caused the fitness industry to take a massive hit. With gyms closed down, many in the industry have turned to the online space, offering coaching programs.

You might be wondering how you’ll coach someone to do the perfect kettlebell snatch or pullup online. The format is no different from how you’d coach someone in the gym. You will, however, need a stable internet connection and a clear camera as you’ll be checking in with clients on video.

Other than being a passion project of yours, one other benefit to being an online coach is that you dictate your price. Also, marketing won’t be a sweat if you’ve got the physique to turn heads, consider it a win-win!

Fancy Any of These Side Hustles?

If you enjoy creating and taking part in the development of online content, the future is looking bright! Watch for a rise in Youtube and other types of video content production to become available over the next several years as more and more organizations seek assistance with the various platforms available to them. These opportunities could lead to a more permanent job as working from home has become more normalized and accepted, which could lead to great things to come for you and your career!

These are just some of the possible work-from-home side hustles you can get into. Whichever one tickles your entrepreneurial fancy, keep this in mind:

Making money on the side is possible with some of the skills you have right now. Add more skills to your tool kit, and you’ll be opening yourself up to more opportunities.

So, try a side hustle or two, and make more money from the comfort of your own home today!

Did we miss a favorite side hustle of yours? Let us know in the comment section below!

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